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Visit Isla Contoy

The Adventure

An adventure every nature-lover should experience.

Isla Contoy is a small island located about 30 km north of Isla Mujeres where the Caribbean meets the Gulf. The island is 8.75 km long and 200-500 meters wide. Since 1961 the island is protected by the Mexican government and was declared a national park in 1998. Isla Contoy is internationally recognized for its flora and fauna, especially the birds, of which more than 150 species are considered either resident or migratory.


The Itinerary

Departing from Isla Mujeres Pier 7 at 8:30 am.

Board the boat at 8:30 am and travel to Isla Contoy stopping to snorkel at Ixlache Reef home to beautiful coral and a variety of tropical fish. Once we arrive on Isla Contoy, you can visit the lagoon for bird watching, enjoy a tour by professional bilingual guides and explore the vegetation and wildlife, climb to the lookout to observe the beautiful scenery, and then enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the crew of the vessel.


What is Included

Lunch: Fresh Grilled Fish, Chicken, Salad, Guacamole and Fruit
Water, Soda and Beer
Snorkeling Gear and Life Vests
Guide in English and Spanish
Entry Fee

What you should Bring

Bathing Suit
Hat or Cap
Biodegradable Sunscreen

Price Per Person $105 usd (Taxes Included)
Your visit to Isla Contoy helps support conservation and environmental Education Programs
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  • Isla Contoy is the most important refuge for marine birds in the Mexican Caribbean. Its lagoons, mangroves and low jungles are home to 152 recognized bird species.

  • In winter the island fills with cormorants, frigates, herons, boobies and brown pelicans, totaling more than 10,000 birds.

  • In summer, three species of sea turtles arrive on Contoy's beaches to nest: the hawksbill, green and loggerhead.

  • The 98 plant specied identified on Isla Contoy include thriving mangrove colonies which shelter many birds, reptiles, crustaceans and fish.

  • The ocean around Contoy is rich in nutrients and plankton that feed more than 234 recorded species of fish including whale sharks and manta rays.

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Amigos de Isla Contoy A.C.

Isla Contoy is jointly run by the Isla Mujeres-based non-governmental organization, Amigos de Isla Contoy A.C. and the Secretary of Environment, Natural Resources and Fishing (SEMARNAT). Supervised eco-tourism and regulated commercial fishing is allowed on and near the island. Only a few tour companies have permission to bring the only at maximum 200 daily visitors to Isla Contoy.

Amigos de Isla Contoy mission statement: "To promote the conservation if Isla Contoy, nature areas and regional projects of the Yucatan peninsula through the sustainable development of local communities.


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